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Wedding Design & Vintage Prop Rentals in Niagara

Niagara Falls Wedding Design & Vintage RentalsExperts in wedding design and in creating unforgettable receptions, we have a deep understanding of the process and essential factors that constitute a flawless ceremony. One of the most important decisions that a host has to make is to decide on the setting of the wedding or event. Labeled the ‘honeymoon capital of the world’ Niagara Falls has produced breathtaking weddings, with fairytale sceneries which continue to astonish guests and visitors from around the world. Surrounded by wondrous beauty and a thriving natural environment, Niagara holds its reputation, providing ultimate relaxation. Pairing these awe-inspiring Niagara backdrops with Anne &Co’s wedding design techniques and stunning vintage rentals is guaranteed to produce a ceremony beyond any expectation.

graydonhall_49When an exquisite setting like Niagara is chosen, Anne & Co can dedicate more time to learn and understand the individuals. What are your favorite colours; what type of music do you enjoy; do you prefer a modern or vintage style? No feature is missed, and we translate the details that make you unique, into a personalized wedding event. Our vintage rentals ensure the creation of a wedding that will bring your emotions to light and truly emphasize the nature of the relationship between you, and your partner. Igniting passion, romance and offering diverse romantic getaways, Niagara should be among the top choices for any wedding or event. Niagara’s perfect setting along with our attentive wedding design services and vintage rentals will result in memories that last a lifetime in the ‘Honeymoon capital of the world.