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Toronto Wedding & Event Design

anne_297_pinkFlowers001As a wedding design and event design enthusiast, it is my passion to shape and capture the very essence of an idea, to create a truly unforgettable experience. At Anne & Co we are entirely customer focused, dedicating time to ensure complete understanding of our clients’ vision. We are specialists in wedding design and event design in the Toronto area, and we can ensure that your wedding will have the “wow” factor that may be hard to achieve on your own. We approach every event differently, using years of experience and knowledge along with your imagination, to create an absolutely unique experience.

To design is to understand uncertainty.We will guide you from inception to completion, regardless of your knowledge or confidence in wedding design. Whether you have already drawn out the blueprint for your perfect wedding, or need direction in creating a moment that will touch the mind and heart, we will inspire you every step of the way. We have the required wedding design tools to invigorate your imagination and change a thought into reality. Catering our services to your specific needs, we will transform any Toronto setting into a masterpiece. Take a look at our Inspirations Gallery to get an idea of the environments that we have revitalized to create an atmosphere filled with happiness and love. We achieve these results by dedicating one on one time and making your most important day, our most important day. Our engagement in your wedding is what makes us unique, combining all the variables such as time, wants, and costs to arrive at gratifying result for you and your guests.If you are looking for a wedding designer in Toronto who can reflect your loving personality, we are the perfect match.

gallery5_2Our background and understanding in wedding design transfers directly over to event design. Whatever your case might be, we offer different styles, visions and decors to any event that we design. In cities like Toronto, the sheer number of event locations is astounding; however, they lack the style and flare that complement the event with a true meaning. As event design specialists in, we are going to work with your budget to achieve a result that will stand out. We will not only create an event, but an atmosphere. Our preparation, hard work and creativity differentiate us from the other Toronto event designers and guarantee a one-of-a-kind result. We want to make the event design process easy and stress free, allowing you to focus on what really matters. My goal from is to create an indescribable experience that will reflect your personality, and leave your guests astonished.

Known for our wedding design and event design in the Toronto area, we provide our customers with an incomparable experience leading up to the event, and a lifelong memory for participants. Our wedding design and event design services are not strictly limited to Toronto, so please contact us, and get started immediately.

Check out our Inspirations Gallery for our previous work.